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May 2009 - Using a Mediator - Can a mediator help in the workplace?

Imagine a workplace where employees communicate effectively and get along, teams are productive and work well together, attitudes and morale are high.

A mediator can help this become a reality by bringing the following to your workplace; conflict management skills training, conflict coaching, peace building, facilitation and consensus building.

Conflict is good! It can be an opportunity to understand the differences, interests and concerns of others and help people grow in their present work environment, building greater opportunities for achievement, understanding and a respectful workplace.

Why use a mediator?

Mediators ensure that a comfortable environment is created to
facilitate discussions, help the parties define the issues of interest,
ensure that the discussion remains on track, and help the parties
identify and communicate their priorities and concerns. Mediators support the parties in
reaching a decision and do not take sides, make decisions or suggest solutions. The
parties come to their own solutions and nothing is imposed by the mediator. All this
without the full lotus yoga position and no chanting.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a collaborative dispute resolution process in which the negotiations of two or more parties are assisted by a neutral and impartial third party. The mediator has no decisionmaking authority and no "interest" in the outcome. It is the mediator's job to help the parties increase their understanding of the other's perspective and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

When to use a mediator?

A mediator is trained to assist in all conflict situations. Whether facilitating a group to resolve some tough dynamics or coaching one person to deal with a big issue, we have the training to help. It's best to address workplace conflict before it begins to generate absenteeism, decrease productivity, create an unbearable environment or result in high employee turnover. Mediators are ethically bound to maintain the confidentiality of any discussions with the exception of abuse or premeditative acts of violence.

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