Reaching Enduring Agreements
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Conflict Coaching

Do you find yourself in a conflict or bullying type situation and see no way out? Do you have a conflict with a co-worker or colleague that you cannot resolve? Conflict presents opportunities for us to strengthen our relationships and learn more about ourselves. Michelle can assist by working exclusively with you to build insight and awareness into your situation. Through a coaching process of tough questions we can work to determine;

  • Goal.  What is my goal in this situation?
  • Trigger Points. What triggers me with this individual and what are the other party's hot buttons?
  • Assumptions.  What assumptions am I making in this situation and what assumptions may the other party be making?
  • Values. What's really important to me and the other party?
  • Impact. What impact has this situation had on you and the other party?
  • Consequences. Can I determine what the consequences have been for
    myself and the other party?
  • Next Steps. What steps can I take to get the results I want?
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