Reaching Enduring Agreements
Helping You Manage Conflict And Negotiate Agreements


Whether a technical expert is recently promoted to a management role or an existing leader is struggling to direct teams of technical professionals, the ability to communicate, build strong work relationships and foster collaboration are a vital necessity. Michelle will assist these Technical Leaders to develop the skills to excel in their new position and enable them to lead their own teams successfully through the following;

  • Awareness: Are you aware of your own conflict style? How does this affect the people you manage?
  • Communication:  What skills do you have to show empathy and understanding?  Are you able to use "I" language to respond assertively in an appropriate manner when required?
  • Understanding: Can you seek out new information by being curious
    about the other person's experience and underlying motivation? Are you
    open and willing to hear another point of view?
  • Reflection: What is your role in the conflict? How and why did the conflict
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