Reaching Enduring Agreements
Helping You Manage Conflict And Negotiate Agreements


Would resolving a conflict that has escalated or is complicated in nature bring more harmony and productivity to your organization?  Utilizing Michelle's skills as an outside neutral third party may be the answer.

Mediation is a method of resolving a dispute in which an impartial person(s) help two or more parties to discuss their concerns and if possible reach a voluntary agreement.

As the mediator, Michelle will guide the process while maintaining a safe, confidential environment and assist the parties to:

  • Reflect.  What are the issues that need to be addressed?
  • Communicate.  What are each individuals needs and interests?
  • Listen.  Can you develop understanding for each other's point of view?
  • Consider options. What will work based on each parties own interests?
  • Reach agreements. You will be the decision-makers.  The mediator has
    no authority to make decisions or provide solutions.

As a mediator, Michelle does not give legal or other professional
advice to the parties. Mediators are ethically bound to maintain the
confidentiality of any discussions with the exception of abuse or
premeditative acts of violence.

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