Reaching Enduring Agreements
Helping You Manage Conflict And Negotiate Agreements

Teams / Facilitation

Do you want your team to be engaged, creative and successfully able to deal with conflict when it arises? Michelle can work with team members to assist with the following;

  • Process: How do we deal with decision making? What steps do we take?¬†
  • Structure: What are the roles of the group members? Who determines this?
  • Organization: What is the goal or purpose of the group? How is this determined?
  • Communication: What are the different types of communicators on your team? What works best for each of you?

Do you need an independent facilitator to bring consensus to your group
meeting. Michelle can facilitate meetings to assist with the following;

  • Process: The Facilitator manages the process of information exchange.
  • Structure: The Facilitator's role is to assist with HOW the discussion is
  • Organization: The Facilitator addresses the journey, rather
    than the destination.
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