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Training / Workshops

Conflict resolution training is a crucial skill for employees in all organizations. Michelle brings her facilitation and technical background to ensure attendees receive high value content that can be immediately implemented. Michelle has created the following workshops and can also work with your organization to develop training to suit your needs.

Full day workshops:

Turning Conflict into Cooperation:

For many people, conflict is little understood and best avoided. This one-day workshop will shed some light on how to deal with conflict, analyze your role in conflict and build awareness about conflict within yourself and with others. Role-plays and exercises will help you develop new strategies, skills
and tools to assist in turning conflict into cooperation. You will create a
'Go Forward Plan' to assist you in applying the skills and insights you have
acquired. Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe their usual role/reaction in conflict
  • Develop & employ strategies & tools to manage conflict more effectively
  • Determine their conflict style and how it affects others
  • Explain how conflict affects team dynamics
  • Make a plan to assist with future conflict situations

Influencing and Collaborating With Colleagues, Clients and Senior Leaders.

Do you regularly come across resistance to your ideas and projects? Are you having difficulty affecting change and influencing others? This one-day workshop will enable you to collaborate effectively with colleagues, clients and senior leaders. Role-plays and exercises will help you develop new strategies, skills and tools to deal with resistance, change and authority. Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the relationship between the brain and influencing others
  • Develop and employ strategies and tools to manage resistance more effectively
  • Determine collaboration styles and how it affects you and others
  • Structure conversations for successful outcomes.
  • Explain the role of collaboration in team dynamics

Two hour workshops:

  • Strategies for Successful Teams/ Meetings
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Structuring Conversations for Business Success

The Power of Conflict Resolution Lunch and Learn Series;

If your organization is interested in an one hour presentation shedding light on resolving conflict, the following material is available;

  • Tools for Creatively Resolving Conflict
  • Turning Conflict into Cooperation
  • Conflict Styles - Determining the effect on you and others.
  • Curiosity never killed any cats - The Art of Listening.
  • Standing up for you without knocking the other person over – Asserting to get Results
  • Is it time to change the way you look at people? – Assumptions & Judgements.
  • The Face in the Mirror – How self awareness can reduce conflict in your life.
  • Conflict Intervention – Why taking action saves you and your organization time and money.
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