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Workplace Fairness

Workplace Fairness is now in Alberta.

Click on the link here to learn more about the newly launched Workplace Fairness Ombuds office.

Does your workplace strive to respond to any of the following issues;

Culture: How do you define your culture? How does your culture influence productivity, employee engagement and efficiency?

Change Management: How do you build consensus around change? How do you engage unions and employees to support change?

Difficult Behaviours: Do your employees know how to identify
difficult behaviours or bullying and do they know how to respond
when these behaviours are present?

Employee Engagement: How do you know that your organization
is a place that attracts good employees who want to stay and will
remain satisfied with total rewards and fulfilled in the workplace?

Diversity/Generations/Gender: Do you need a measure of how well your organization
handles generational and gender differences?

Respect: How do you know the systems you have in place reflect respect for each and
every employee?

Leadership and Communication skills: Do your employees have the training and soft
skills to develop into the leaders you require?

Resource Sufficiency: How do you measure the impact of a shift in resources and the perception of lack of resources?

Roles & Responsibilities: Is there clarity for all employees as to their roles and responsibilities within the workplace?

Workplace Fairness encompasses all these issues.  Watch the slideshow here

The Workplace Fairness Institute ( is a Canadian organization that has developed a tool to assist your workplace with analyzing these issues. Having the ability to measure change capability and conflict competency in your workplace will provide you with the clarity you need to make decisions. This one day independent analysis and full report will give you a clear picture of what is working and what needs to change. It will become apparent as to what options to introduce or modify to improve your workplace conflict management system.

Connect with Michelle Phaneuf with REA and Marjorie Munroe with Moneague Consulting, Alberta Co-directors of the Workplace Fairness Institute and find out answers to your questions:

How to know if you have the systems in place to foster respect and manage conflict?

What is Workplace Fairness and how do we measure it?

How do you rank on the Workplace Fairness scale and where does your organization fit within your industry?

What is the cost of conflict to your organization, including meeting your duty to accommodate, constructive dismissal and presenteeism?

How do you identify changes that will have an impact on your bottom line?

How we determine the remedies/solutions/implementation for your organization?

How does the assessment identify even small changes you can make to improve workplace fairness?

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